Hotel Rivoli Boutique

Hotel Rivoli Firenze

One goal: preserve Florence and its beauty for future generations.

Eco friendly hotel

Rivoli Boutique Hotel is an ecofriendly hotel, a place whose vocation is to embrace the true meaning of sustainable tourism, adhering to innovative projects and offering guests a slow slow vacation, where they can rediscover villages, towns and landscapes while protecting the environment. The medieval Franciscan cloister, on which the overlook, has been a setting of peace and deep communion with nature and the surrounding environment since its inception.

The world is an incredible place to discover, and we can do it responsibly by bike or on foot, with love for everything around us. Allow yourself to be inspired by a sustainable and green vacation!

Energy Requalification

Rivoli Boutique Hotel has completed the Stay for the Planet Energy Requalification of the facilities project through its achievement of energy saving and low carbon emission objectives. The project was co-funded on the 2014-2020 POR CREO FESR Call for Proposals: towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors “Call for Aid to Energy Efficiency Projects in Buildings – New Call for Proposals 2017”

Stay for the Planet is a LifeGate project, which guarantees and shows the commitment of its members’ accommodation facilities to greater sustainability. Through this path, Rivoli Boutique Hotel is dedicated to improving the sustainable management of its business, monitoring consumption, implementing energy efficiency measures and reducing its environmental impact through virtuous behavior.

A better way to experience Florence and your trips

A few, small steps can make a big difference. For example, remember to take the stairs instead of the elevator (each trip you make saves 0.05 kW). Make sure you turn off lights you are not using and disconnect smartphone and computer chargers when they are sufficiently charged.

In winter heat your room without exaggerating. Each degree centigrade more is equivalent to 334 kg of CO2 per year. In the summer, make sure that the temperature difference does not exceed 6° C (the limit for living in a healthy environment).

In the bathroom, remember to use only the water you need: starting from your shower (in five minutes you can consume up to 60 liters of water) to when you brush your teeth, remember to close the tap while brushing.

Eco friendly hotel for an ecotourism stay

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, give your hotel stay a different definition: limit your ecological footprint, protect the natural charm of our land as well as the local community and environment. We wish you all a green vacation, where you can rediscover our common, authentic roots, the joy of discovery and the smile of carefree living.