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You will feel as at home as you are pampered by our 4-star boutique hotel in the center of Florence

Florence Boutique Hotel

Choosing Rivoli Boutique Hotel in Florence means discovering a lush oasis and a distinctive environment in the heart of the historic center. A hotel with a warm and engaging atmosphere, and a unique design capable of harmonizing antique features with contemporary comfort.

Welcoming you will be our family and highly trained staff who are always ready to pamper you with 4-star care. The hotel is favored by a strategic, central location, overlooking Via della Scala, just a few steps from Santa Maria Novella. As you enter the hotel you will be amazed by the ancient Franciscan cloister and the play of light and green that compose the interior.
Come and discover the most noteworthy of the top boutique hotels in Florence, which you can truly call home.

We stake everything on our relationships

All our rooms are different, as are all our guests. That is why our immediate focus is on our relationships with people. Our purpose is to give everyone, whatever their needs may be, a perfect, tailor-made vacation.

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History with a capital “H” was made right here, and every day this Boutique Hotel is a crossroads where new histories are being written. From the founding of the Franciscan convent, whose important architectural elements have been preserved over the centuries, together with Florence’s illustrious past, in one building, to the present day.

Immerse yourself in ancient history

Gay friendly

Our position is very clear. We are committed to sustaining a future capable of overcoming stereotypes and prejudices and erasing discrimination. We stake everything on our relationships with our guests. Our mission is to create an individualized sojourn for each and every guest. Hence, our hotel is also LGBTQ friendly.

That kind of hotel with no gender

Eco friendly

There is a way to travel and discover the world we find ourselves living in, which is ecotourism. Getting to know how other people live, new cultures and works of art also means respecting contexts and communities. And together with them the environment in general, to protect it.

Our commitment as an Eco-Friendly Hotel

Pet friendly

Family is a word that includes and does not exclude. That is why we welcome all your four-legged friends with a smile: how could they not be part of your trip and stay? Moreover, this is a very pet-friendly city: you will have a great time discovering Florence with your pet!

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