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Florence gay friendly hotel

We believe in people. We are committed to supporting the idea that a world where gender equality, self-determination, overcoming stereotypes and prejudices, as well as all types of discrimination can be an everyday reality. In this inclusive sense, we define our Boutique Hotel as a Gay Friendly Hotel in Florence.

Trusted Member of Gay Friendly Italy

Since 2018, Rivoli Boutique Hotel has been a Trusted Member of Gay Friendly Italy. This circuit of accommodation facilities was created to promote a more inclusive and open society through the awareness that communities capable of valuing diversity tend to be characterized by greater cohesion, to produce a better quality of life and to create more and better opportunities for all. Since 2022 Rivoli Boutique Hotel is a member of ILGTA (international association of travel agents specialized in LGTBQ+ tourism).

Rivoli Boutique Hotel, dedicated to travelers of all sensibilities, is located in the historic center of the city, just a few steps from all the main attractions and clubs and boutiques that are taking part in the city’s LGBTQ+ social and nightlife.
Select your room or suite and then rely on our staff for a personalized stay, between wellness, privacy and absolute comfort, where you can freely discover Florence and its hidden wonders. We will be able to advise you on all the new things you can try, the must-see stops among the many artistic masterpieces and the gay-friendly stores and nightspots for amusing and unforgettable experiences.

Florence gay friendly in history

Since the Renaissance, Florence has been a city where the right to self-determination has always been guaranteed, especially in relational and sexual matters. If it is true, for example, that for some centuries certain discriminatory measures were enforced, it is equally true that the Medici court exalted Platonic love and the close relationship between master and disciple.

There were many historical figures who reveled in their passions, such as Marsilio Ficino, and the poet Giovanni Cavalcanti, or Giovanni Pico della Mirandola and Poliziano (before) and Girolamo Benivieni (after), together with whom he was entombed inside Santa Maria Novella.
One specific historical fact emphasizes this aspect of Florence above all others. On August 13, 1512 thirty young men belonging to the Florentine aristocracy, known as “i compagnacci”, burst into Palazzo Vecchio, demanding that the rules that provided for the exile and the loss of all property for “sodomites” be abrogated. Their request was granted just one month later.

Treat yourself to an exceptional stay in Florence, in a location of absolute privacy and elegance. Discover and experience the authentic timeless beauty of Florence as you enjoy its sparkling nightlife while surrounding yourself with art and pleasure during the day.
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