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Rivoli Boutique Hotel, 4 stars with spa and personalized massages in Florence

4-Star Hotel Florence with spa and massage


To experience a wellness vacation means to grant yourself a revitalizing break at 360°. Surround yourself with beauty and art, surprise your palate and sense of smell with superb wines, refreshing cocktails to accompany the traditional Tuscan cuisine and above all, regenerate your mind and body in a personalized wellness path. In addition to the heated hydromassage pool and the exclusive spa, you can awaken beneficial sensations with massages performed by highly selected professionals.

Express Wellness – individual treatments

Back Relief. Ideal for relaxing the back after a long journey. The treatment quickly gives relaxation to all contracted areas of the back. Designed for anyone who feels sore and tired muscles in the neck, shoulders or lumbar area. Duration: 30 minutes.

Leg Relief. Relaxing and rejuvenating leg and foot massage. A draining massage, perfect after a stressful day. Duration: 30 minutes.

Intensive Moisturizing Face treatment. Restore radiance to the face, moisturizing and giving pleasant sensations.

Total Wellness – Duration: 50 minutes

Holistic. A relaxing massage that will release all your tense muscles to give you a feeling of being reborn throughout your body. Duration: 30 minutes.

Swedish. Decontracting massage recommended for those who like medium or strong pressure massages. A total body massage that relieves fatigue in the back, legs and arms and gives energy to the head and neck, releasing stress. Duration: 30 minutes.

Full Wellness – complete treatment Spa & Massage. Duration 100 minutes
An assisted journey within our Spa. You will be guided in a sensory journey starting with the emotional shower, to eliminate toxins from your body: 10 to 15 minutes of Sauna followed by a stop in the Turkish Bath, to completely regenerate your skin. Finally, a massage, Holistic or Swedish at your choice, to give your body and mind serenity and peace.

Couple Massage, available only in some Balcony Rooms and Suites. Duration: 60 minutes.
Designed to make your stay even more romantic and unforgettable. The Holistic or Swedish massage, at your choice, will be performed simultaneously by our professionals. It can be performed directly in your room or on the balcony.

To guarantee you a unique experience Aqua Wellness Firenze is open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Exclusive access by reservation only: a SPA just for you.

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Hotel Rivoli Boutique

Rivoli boutique hotel Firenze

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