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A secret garden and a lounge bar hidden in the heart of the historic center of Florence

Garden Bar Florence

The soothing rustle of leaves, the colors and harmony of an oasis nestled among historic buildings, the refined service and cocktails made with care and passion. This is the manifesto that defines our Garden Bar. Florence is exalted in the hotel’s indoor lounges that feature pietra serena columns, coffered ceilings, and cross vaults, while the Florentine Dolce Vita is revealed in the outdoor spaces of the ancient Franciscan cloister, where the scent of flowers and relaxing sounds embroider our guests’ stay with wondrous emotions

An intimate and elegant gem set in the city center, yet seemingly far from the chaos, where you can read a book, linger and enjoy carefree spring days with a cup of tea or an herbal infusion, enjoy a glass of wine before throwing wide the doors to the lights of the nightlife, or where you can end your evening with a refined cocktail nightcap. The Garden Bar is open year round.

The Garden Bar is open daily, from 4:30 p.m. to midnight, and service extends to the hotel’s patio and indoor lounges.
Raise your glasses for a toast. Stop the moment with a smile. Savor every instant of intense happiness and build unforgettable memories. A romantic and charming lounge bar in Florence, an enchanted and exclusive public room that is a hymn to life, a point on the map where it is still possible for you to stop as you extend in search of lost time.

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