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A fundamental stop to immerse yourself in the Florentine culture and typical Tuscan cuisine

Typical Tuscan cuisine

Ribollita, Panzanella, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Cacciucco, Crostini toscani, Pappa al pomodoro, Pappardelle al cinghiale, are just some of the traditional dishes making up our typical Tuscan cuisine. At our Restaurant in Florence, we focus on the same philosophy that characterizes the hotel. We welcome guests by caring for relationships, accompanying the elegance of the dishes with a method that leads to excellence.

Sitting at a table in the Benedicta Restaurant means participating in a sensory journey through the recipes of one of Italy’s oldest regional cuisines: a journey of taste that winds its way through game and vegetarian dishes, from succulent meats to gluten free creations. Chef Luciano Ioppoli and his family will gladly guide you, explaining the legends that are hidden behind some of our dishes and narrating the origin of the always fresh and carefully chosen ingredients.

From handed down preparations to today’s recipes, we are working to reinvigorate the typical Tuscan cuisine, wisely enhancing each ingredient and composing explosions of flavor on the palate in an authentic manner. Keeping the simplicity of a “poor” cuisine alive, enhancing the original flavors of each element, we cultivate the music that comes from the different textures, as we elaborate bouquets of aromas as do master perfumers while aiming to amaze the eyes and palate with the genuineness of beauty.

Book your dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Florence, one of the most romantic of the romantic, in the place where the authenticity of the Italian lifestyle meets with the utmost attention for its guests.

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Hotel Rivoli Boutique

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