Hotel Rivoli Boutique

Hotel Rivoli Firenze

Rivoli Boutique Hotel: a work of art where you can breathe history and live your passions

Florence Boutique Hotel in the historic center

Nestled among the historic residences, our exclusive and surprising boutique hotel in the historic center, is an authentic treasure chest in which Florence is revealed in all its austere and medieval elegance. When you enter Rivoli Boutique Hotel you will be struck by its exceptional atmosphere: the 14th century cloister of the Franciscan convent is unexpectedly revealed in all its charm, blending pietra serena columns with contemporary details and conveniences.
You will be welcomed directly by the Caridi family, owner of the hotel for three generations, since 1964.

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In a perfect position to visit all Florence’s main points of interest on foot, and just across the street from the Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, the oldest pharmacy in all of Europe, Rivoli Boutique Hotel preserves its ancient features, associated with 16th century renovations, that have distinguished the building since medieval times. For this reason, while staying in one of the rooms you can feel part of an ancestral history: looking out from the balcony you can dream of long ago, the life of past centuries, seeing it slowly appearing right before your eyes as if by magic.

Many of the structures on Via della Scala, where our Boutique Hotel is located, were once buildings with religious or public assistance functions, which were renovated during the years when Florence became the capital of Italy (1865-1871). In fact, in ancient times the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala gave its name to this straight avenue that leads from the Santa Maria Novella train station to Viale Fratelli Rosselli. At the corner of Via del Porcellana and Via della Scala there was another ancient hospital called “dei Barelloni”, while there used to be a convent where the Officina Profumo Santa Maria Novella is located today.


All it takes is to gaze through narrowed eyes to be able to imagine merchants from all over the world arriving to buy remedies from the pharmacy, or to haggle with the Dominican friars over the price of spices just imported from the Orient. Along this avenue, there was a steady alternation of the Florentine nobles who frequented this area, with the needy seeking care and artists. Among all of them it would be possible to catch sight of Sandro Botticelli, who frescoed the Santa Maria della Scala Hospital Chapel with an Annunciation.

Two historic parks intersect the avenue: the Giardino Corsini (whose entrance is right on the street) and the Orti Oricellari, a monumental garden that belonged to the Rucellai family. In this park, met the Platonic Academy whose participating members included Gian Giorgio Trissino, Niccolò Machiavelli, Jacopo Nardi and Pope Leo X.


Since then, to this day, in this Florentine neighborhood, there have been countless narrative histories that have intertwined and alternated, just as occurs in the historic residence of the Rivoli Boutique Hotel. Staying here means capturing the most genuine essence of Florence and savoring the passage of time in all its manifestations. Book your spot in the front row now before the stage of history.