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Rivoli Boutique Hotel, 4-star regeneration of pure love for hospitality

4-Star Hotel Florence with spa

Aqua Spa & Wellness, in the heart of the historic center of Florence, in the Renaissance quarter and just a few steps from the Duomo, Santa Maria Novella and Ponte Vecchio, a small oasis where you can recharge your batteries. We have created a regenerating wellness path to surprise you, a unique experience immersed in the quiet of the Franciscan cloister, designed to restore balance, pleasure and joie de vivre. Set amidst the majestic beauty of Florence’s artistic masterpieces, a 4-star hotel with spa dedicated to those seeking the luxury of unique experiences, dedicated to themselves.

Finnish Sauna

The best way to purify the body and let the mind breathe. Thanks to the progressive heating of the stones, a dry environment is obtained, softened by the possibility of pouring water on the hot stones at will. The muscles relax, sweating purifies the body, which produces endorphins, giving pleasant and enveloping sensations.

Turkish Bath or Hammam

An ancient purifying treatment. With its 45-50° C and 90/100% humidity, this treatment fosters blood and lymphatic circulation, purifies the skin, clears the respiratory tract and helps regulate blood pressure, as well as facilitating sleep.


Emotional Cascade Shower

Chromotherapy and aromatherapy combine to create a relaxing, multi-sensory, immersive adventure. Water, colors and scents act in perfect synchrony, giving positive emotions such as relaxation, comfort, pleasure and serenity.

Aqua & Wellness Paths

An integral part of the path is a wide range of massages and treatments, making the ideal conclusion to relaxing and regenerating experiences, to seal in and maintain the benefits experienced by the psyche and body.


Relaxation area

Relaxing, draining and purifying herbal infusions are the perfect medium to involve all the senses, pampering every single part of the body.

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Hotel Rivoli Boutique

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