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Rivoli Boutique Hotel, oasis of well-being, wellness hotel in Florence

Florence Wellness Hotel

Wellness hotel in Florence, the perfect complement to an immersive and rewarding formula. Dedicate small breaks to your wellbeing and fitness. On the same days when your mind is stimulated by the contemplation of unique masterpieces, you will feel regenerated in every single part of your body. You will find calm, serenity and all the talent you need for your imagination.

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine waking up early in the morning and going out into the street. The streets are quiet and only few people are already on their way to work. The historical monuments and noble palazzos are still shrouded in silent mystery, the ancient coats of arms are revealed along with details that are usually masked by Florence’s vitality in the middle of the day.

Running around Florence at dawn or at dusk allows you to discover hidden nooks, to catch the inviting scents of freshly baked bread and flowers opening, to listen to birdsong near the Arno and to find yourself dreamily imagining legendary scenes of local history. Dedicating yourself to running means revealing the most intimate and genuine side of the city.

At Reception you will find maps with directions to the best running routes, so you can wake up in the most beautiful piazzas of the city. If you prefer an indoor workout before a genuine breakfast, you can use the professional treadmill indoors at Aqua & Wellness, a delightful setting inside the hotel.

For sport loving guests and those who wish to engage in full training sessions, we offer access to all areas of “Florence Fitness”, an excellent gym only 200 meters from Rivoli Boutique Hotel.
Give space to silence. Nourish your mind along with your body and find your natural balance in a charming environment, treat yourself to the luxury of a vacation in a wellness hotel.

Hotel Rivoli Boutique

Rivoli boutique hotel Firenze

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